Anti-Aging & Metabolic Function


Anti-Aging is an interesting term. Can we really stop or slow the aging process? Anti-aging and metabolic function is all about your quality of life. From the minute we are born, we begin the aging process.  No one can stop aging, but we now have markers, also known as Telemeres, to determine longevity.  A Telemere is the end of the DNA strand.  It’s been compared to as the tip of a shoe lace.  The longer the telemere the slower a body ages.  Science shows us that good nutrition, proper rest, lowering stress and optimal hormones keep telemeres from shrinking. Now we can actually measure the benefits of good nutrition and hormone optimization on the aging process.  Cool isn’t it?

Our Telemers assessment includes:

  • Telemers testing
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation

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