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8 Signs You Are Vitamin D Deficient

8 Signs You Are Vitamin D Deficient

I just saw this YouTube article from Brightside - it has some interesting information that I think you will find interesting and supportive. Vitamin D is a very common deficiency that I think you need to take seriously.  There have been several reports about overcoming Covid without many problems when you have adequate Vitamin D.  I’m also researching sleep and the role Vitamin D plays in restorative sleep.  Take a look at these signs and symptoms and if you have any - come see us.


1. Excessive Sweating - we all sweat especially on hot days or with exercise - but do you find that you are really sweaty even more than what is normal?  Check out your Vitamin D levels.


2. Achy Bones - do you feel pain deep down in your bones?  Wonder what that is? Check out your Vitamin D levels.


3. Sore Muscles - more than usual. It’s normal to have sore muscles after a hard workout, but do you find that you don’t recover well from your workout, or are you just sore and wondering if you have “fibromyalgia”?  Check out your vitamin D levels.


4. Get Sick Easily - do you catch everything that is going around? Are you are always sick? Especially now during a year-long pandemic - Check out your Vitamin D levels.  Even after almost a full year of Covid restrictions, we continue to have higher rates of positive Covid tests - most have mild cases but we are over a million deaths from this virus pandemic.  I still get patients almost daily who are low in Vitamin D. This is crazy - we can take care of this.  Don’t put it off one more day.  Get your vitamin D levels checked now!


5. Can’t Stay Energized - especially fatigue in the afternoon. This is such a common complaint among my patients.  Caffeine is the most common supplement many people take just to get through the day.  But do you know that caffeine actually stresses out the body, the adrenal glands and can make fatigue worse overall?  One way is how high caffeine or other stimulants affect our sleep.  That’s a discussion for another day.  How about you check out your Vitamin D levels and see if you can get off the caffeine.


6. Takes Longer to Heal from Simple Injuries - are you finding that simple cuts, scrapes, bruises take longer to heal? Check out your vitamin D levels.


7. More Hair Loss - we all lose over 100 hairs daily - that’s normal. But, if you are losing hair faster than normal- it could be your thyroid, anemia, or malnutrition, like low protein or mineral or not digesting well.  Many people are on acid blockers that block absorption of our most basic nutrients - if that is you, get that checked out.  But I’d like you to consider having your vitamin D levels checked - it could be something simple.


8. Can’t Shake the Feeling of Sadness - depression is real and needs to be addressed.  But for many of us, we suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  When the days are shorter and the nights long and cold it can be hard to stay upbeat and happy.  If you are struggling with sadness or depression, see your practitioner and ask for help.  But make sure you have your Vitamin D levels checked.  That has helped so many get past the winter blues.


Written by: Catherine Kipp, APRN

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Catherine Kipp Catherine Kipp, APRN, is the owner of Integrative Health Group. She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner who has a passion for helping her patients correct hormonal balances, lose weight, eat nutritiously, and manage their heart health. Ms. Kipp understands that every patient needs customized treatment for effective results. Furthermore, she doesn’t just treat the symptoms, she targets the causes. Getting you healthy again is her top priority.

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