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Metabolic Health

A common complaint I have been hearing from patients is weight gain. We lovingly call it the COVID-19... or 20 pounds. Have you been experiencing that too? I have! Even with all I know and read, I too, have let myself gain some unwanted weight due to poor eating. It’s almost like we’ve been on a year's diet vacation due to the COVID pandemic and restrictions. Most of us, however, are starting to wake up and realize that it’s time (or past time) to get back on track. 

Fine-tuning our metabolic health is KEY to improving overall health, but it can be hard to get your weight under control. An article in MBGhealth reports that only 12% of Americans are in good metabolic health.


Here are two simple tips to help improve your metabolic health and your weight:


To read the whole article along with links to plant-based diet recipes go to:


Written by: Catherine Kipp, APRN


Catherine Kipp Catherine Kipp, APRN, is the owner of Integrative Health Group. She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner who has a passion for helping her patients correct hormonal balances, lose weight, eat nutritiously, and manage their heart health. Ms. Kipp understands that every patient needs customized treatment for effective results. Furthermore, she doesn’t just treat the symptoms, she targets the causes. Getting you healthy again is her top priority.

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