Water Does a Body Good

Ever wondered why water is so important for our bodies?

How much water should you drink a day?

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. 60%! That’s more than half of our bodies!

With out water our cells, muscles, in fact, every tissue of our body can not function properly.

Drinking enough water each day helps our bodies perform the way we need them to, which is why I always recommend starting your day with a big glass of water before eating breakfast.

After you’ve been asleep, your body is naturally dehydrated because it’s used up all the water you consumed the day before.

To make things worse, most people wake up and drink a cup of coffee. Coffee can actually lead to further dehydration!

Starting your day off with at least 16-20 oz of water, flushes out toxins and fires up your metabolism. Now doesn’t that sounds like the best part of waking up?

According to healthline.com the following shows how much water we should be taking in everyday depending on our demographic.

Are you getting to right amount of water your body needs?

So what if you’re thinking, I don’t like the taste of water!

For a fresh change to the regular H2O, trying adding in some citrus, berries, cucumber or mint to your water bottle.

Or try finding ways to eat more high water content foods such as: celery, cucumbers, berries, watermelon, cauliflower, spinach and much more.

When you drink plenty of water and eat foods that contain high water content, you keep your body healthy and hydrated.

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