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Integrative Health Group

Anti-Aging & Wellness Center located in Lehi, UT

We are thrilled to be offering a recurring 12-Week Support Group Program focusing on health and nutrition.

We are excited to be offering additional services to support you with your health goals- whether it be more energy, better sleep, weight loss, or adhering to your lifestyle changes to produce positive long-term benefits. We will be starting a 12-week coaching course that will include a one-on-one intake and exit meeting, with 10 group coaching meetings between that will focus on the following:

-Easy recipes and meal ideas
-What are fats/carbs/etc.
-What are supplements and how are they helping you?
-Food labels
-Foods that give energy vs take away
-How to beat food addictions/emotional eating

Sleep Health-
-Sleep tips and exercises

Mental and Emotional Health-
-Stress management, building resilience
-Time management to incorporate good habits
-Taking our bodies out of the stress response enables us to heal, metabolize nutrients and digest properly
-How stress impacts our body (cortisol/adrenals/detox)
-Activities that give energy vs take away

-Making movement simple and sustainable
-Learning to listen to what your body needs

Chronic Viruses/Illness-
-What are chronic viruses/EBV/inflammation/cortisol and what you can do to combat them

(Open office hours will also be available to discuss protocols and supplement questions with Merilee)

Come and learn about nutrition and how to fuel your body. Achieve your goals for health and wellness in a group setting while targeting your specific needs one on one with our Health Coach, Merilee Ford.


About Merilee Ford

Merilee Ford lives in Utah with her husband Colby and three children. She has a Master's degree in Organizational Communication and a bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication and Psychology. She is a Certified Health and Life Coach as well as a Holistic Transformational Mastery Coach. She also is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and OCD. 


It is Merilee's passion is helping people who are stressed out, busy, and overwhelmed to transform their bodies, minds...  and their lives. She is an advocate for her clients to help them uncover what truly holds them back in life - mentally or physically. Her programs are based in cutting-edge psychology, brain science, integrative nutrition, and advanced transformational coaching techniques.