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Regenerative Cellular Therapy Specialist

Integrative Health Group

Anti-Aging & Wellness Center located in Orem, UT

Regenerative cellular therapy is among the most exciting innovations in the medical field over recent decades. At Integrative Health Group in Orem, Utah, a team of anti-aging and wellness specialists can help you leverage the power of regenerative cellular therapy to restore and enhance your joint health. It’s time for your body to feel as young as your mind, so schedule a consultation today. Online scheduling is one option, or you’re always welcome to call or stop by the office to check availability.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy Q & A

What is regenerative cellular therapy?

The central focus of regenerative cellular therapy is on triggering your body’s innate ability to create new, healthy cells. Your body is continuously replacing dead or damaged cells with fresh, healthy cells. You can watch this process in action as your skin heals from a cut or a sunburn.

In some cases, that process isn’t swift enough to avoid troubling symptoms, including painful inflammation and reduced joint mobility. Regenerative cellular therapy uses cellular products to repair and rebuild that damage at an accelerated rate.

Regenerative cellular therapy can treat joint damage in your hand, wrist, shoulder, foot, or knee. It’s also a great option for improving plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy.  

How does regenerative cellular therapy work?

One example of this treatment involves using stem cells to boost healing in damaged joints. Your body is comprised of many different cells types, most of which are specialized, meaning they perform certain functions in certain organs or tissue types. Stem cells are unspecialized and can divide to create multiple types of cells.

By injecting a high concentration of stem cells into a damaged joint, those cells can regenerate bone, cartilage, or other tissue types. There is also evidence to suggest that stem cells can alter immune system activity in a way that enhances the health of your remaining cartilage.

What role does platelet-rich plasma play in regenerative cellular therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated solution of plasma and platelets, which contain important proteins called growth factors. The solution is created from a small sample of your own blood, which is spun in a centrifuge to separate the solid and liquid components. Once the platelets are isolated, they are reintroduced to the plasma.

Your practitioner injects the solution into the area where regeneration is desired. That promotes faster cellular turnover, making stem cell therapy even more effective. Platelet-rich plasma can also be used as a stand-alone treatment, depending on your needs.

What are the benefits of regenerative cellular therapy?

Regenerative cellular therapy is one of many treatment options to address joint pain, nerve damage, and pain stemming from connective tissue damage. There are several reasons this innovative approach is so popular.

Many men and women want to avoid the risks associated with surgical intervention. They’re looking for results without the need for anesthesia or lengthy recovery time. Others want an option that avoids the side effects and risk of addiction that comes with drug therapy. Regenerative cellular therapy offers a natural path to healing that relies on your body’s innate abilities.

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